Rabu, 12 Mei 2010

Because They Chose To Do So

In this post, I would like to show you about amazing pictures of amazing people. Certain people might think that these people are weird but believe me, these people are not weird but they are awesome.

-performing solah on the road-

-Australian policewoman with her hijab-

-brave Iranian policewomen, wearing hijab and weapon on their hands-

-they shoot on target, but there are certain people who like to shoot randomly-

Their beliefs doesn't stop them from doing what they prefer to do......
-hijab doesn't stop her to be a good media worker-

-hijab doesn't stop her from being a good doctor-

-hijab doesn't stop them to be good in cooking-

-with hijab, they still can win the game-

- with hijab, she still can swim without any problem-

-hijab never make them scared to face their opponents-

-with hijab, they are good in their studies just like other people-

-hijab doesn't stop them to chit chat with each other-

- and hijab will never stop us from fighting for our rights-
I think those people are brave.
They knew that people might laugh at them,
stare at them
and whisper about them,
but they just wanted to be themselves.
And do you know what?
These pictures tell us something.
Something that we can't deny.
The thing is...

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  1. Gambar paling bawah yg paling bersemangat..
    muslimattt power!!

  2. Ust Hafizan & Muhaimin : TERIMA KASIH krn sampai ke hari ni masih menjadi penyokong kami yg setia...=)